Switching to a New iPhone Will Be as Easy as ABC with this Guide

Are you planning to upgrade to the latest iPhone by selling your existing phone or giving it away to your brother? Here’s everything you must know to make the switch as smooth as possible. 


Backup and Protect Your Essential Data 

Avoid the disappointment of losing your texts, photos, notes, and other data on your iPhone by backing up your data. 

The most fuss-free method of backing up your data is tapping on Settings > your name > iCloud > iCloud backup. Then, let the process complete on its own. 

If there’s not enough iCloud storage space, you can borrow some temporary iCloud storage.

To get iCloud temporary storage, you need to purchase a new iPad or iPhone and update your old/current device to the latest iOS/iPadOS version. Ensure you know the correct Apple ID and password used with iCloud. You must restore the temporary backup within 21 days.  

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Use Quick Start to Transfer Data From Your Current Phone to Your New Phone 

You can automatically set up your new iPhone/iPad using Quick Start. 

Quick Start occupies both devices, and you must choose when you’re not using both devices for a few minutes. Follow these steps to get your phone ready for the transfer:

  • Your current phone must be connected to Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth must be turned on. Switch on your new phone and place it near your current device. Get started by following the on-screen prompts. 
  • Set up Touch and Face IDs. 
  • Select how you want to transfer the data. You can either transfer it directly from your current device to your new phone or download it from iCloud. If you select the latter option, the transfer of data will happen in the background, and you can start using your new phone right away. 
  • Until the data migration process is complete, you must keep both devices near each other. 

Wipe Your Old iPhone 

After backing up and completing the transfer process to your new iPhone, it is time to wipe your old device before selling it or giving it away. 

Similar to the erase assistant for Mac that erases all content and settings and makes the device feel brand new, you can restore your iPhone to factory settings. 

Whether you are erasing all data and settings on Mac or iPhone, remember it is a one-way street. Once the data is erased, it is gone forever. You cannot restore it. 

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > scroll to the bottom and select Erase All Content and Settings > enter your Apple ID password or passcode > wait for all the content to be removed from your device. 

With this move, the following will be erased or removed:

  • Wipe all your data and applications
  • Disable the Activation Lock and allow the next user of the handset to activate the device 
  • Remove Apple ID and password 
  • Remove all the Apple Wallet data 

Besides these, you must unpair all Bluetooth devices from your old iPhone and unpair your Apple Watch. When you sell your phone or give it away, you must not unknowingly give away your personal information. That’s why it is always best to double-check. 

Moreover, it would be best not to hand over a dirty, nasty iPhone to the new owner. You must remove the phone case (if there’s one) and clean the phone. You can also remove the screen protector and give the device a good wipe-down using lens-cleaning wipes. 

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Final Thoughts 

Apple releases a new iPhone each year to stay ahead of the competition. But this barrage of new phones means you must keep up with the latest release and make the switch as soon as possible. With each new release, Apple adds new features to the phones. Therefore, iPhone users cannot use their phone for more than 2 years from the date of purchase because there’s already something better. 

The best way to keep switching and upgrading is to sell your old phone or give it to your younger sibling. But you cannot hand over a phone filled with your data. Instead, you must clean the device and restore it to factory settings, as the guide explains, and make the switch easier. 

However, remember not to wipe your old device before transferring all the data to your new device using Quick Start. In recent years, the iPhone has made the transfer process easier and quicker. Your new device will appear like your old device (if you choose this option) because all the apps installed and the phone settings will be transferred to your new phone. Alternatively, if you want a new look, you can download backed-up data from iCloud and then decide the apps you want to keep or the photos that you wish to download and delete the rest. 

Switching to a new iPhone is as easy as purchasing a new phone. So, have you got your hands on the latest model yet? 

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