Heating issue in Lenovo A6000 plus fixed

How to Solve Heating Issue in Lenovo A6000 plus, A6000 and A7000 – [*Fixed]

Fixed Heating Issue in Lenovo A6000 Plus, A6000 and A7000 : Lenovo mobile sales are increasing day-by-day on online store like Filpkart, Ebay, Amazon. This is because features embedded in Lenovo Smartphone series with low cost grabbed many users towards it. Lenovo A6000 was released with Android Versions Kitkat 4.4 into market. Recently Lenovo A6000 plus and Lenovo A7000 released into market with Lollipop Android Os 5.0, 5.0.1. Recent Lollipop 5.0.2 update fascinated many users. Luckily Lenovo got a feature of upgrading Android Os.

On upgrading your device will be updated with Lollipop 5.0.2 Android Operating system. Awesome look and interface turned handy with upgrade, Along with these there are some issues which makes users distaste Lollipop 5.02. upgrade. How ever our staff successfully solved some of the issues like Contacts sync Issue in Whatsapp, Call Log Issue, Install Google Play store Apps issue, Third party launchers Issues.Updates : Problems after Upgrading Lenovo A6000, A6000 plus, Lenovo A7000 to Lollipop 5.0.2. In this tutorial Iam going to show How to solve Heating issue in Lenovo A6000 Plus, A6000 and A7000 .

Solved Heating Issue in Lenovo A6000 Plus, A6000 and A7000

Here are the Heating problems from Lenovo A6000 Plus users after updating for Kitkat 4.4 to Lollipop 5.0.2 :
  • When I use net It starts to become heating.
  • Lenovo A6000 plus become very hot even in standby mode sometimes.
  • When I connect to charger charging doesn’t happens only battery heating is observed in Lenovo A6000+.
  • I need to remove Battery first and Switch Off my Lenovo A6000 to charge my phone. Instead of charging gets heated

Heating issue in Lenovo A6000 plus solved

Whatever the heating issue in Lenovo A6000 plus . One of our staff holding Lenovo A6000 plus got this problem after applying this trick. There is a relaxation with this Heating problem on Lenovo A6ooo plus . Hoping not only for Lenovo A6000 plus it might works for also Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A7000. Follow the steps carefully to fix Heating Issue in Lenovo A6000 Plus, Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A7000.

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Follow below Steps to Fix heating problem in Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus and A7000

Note : Before performing below mentioned steps you are required to take “Backup of your Phone settings, Contacts to your SD card“. Click on the link to take phone backup. Soon you complete backup follow below steps.

  • Primary step is to Switchoff your Lenovo A6000 plus Smartphone.
  • Press volume up, volume down and Power button simultaneously (at a time).
  • Now you can see Android booting options menu on your Lenovo A6000 plus screen.
  • Now Move through the options by using buttons Volume up and down.
  • Stop at “Wipe Cache Partition. Select this option by clicking on Power button.
  • In the same manner select “Wipe data/Factory Reset” option too.
  • Now  select “Reboot system now
  • Your Lenovo A6000 or Lenovo A6000 plus smartphone will reboots now.
  • Now go to settings and Restore all your data and contacts.

After performing above steps your cache load will be cleared. This is a small trick to Fix Heating issue in Lenovo A6000 plus smartphone get relaxation from heating problems. Still your facing heating Problem in Lenovo A6000 plus post in comment our team or our reader base will assist in Fixing heating issue in Lenovo A6000 Plus, Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A7000.

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  1. I m still having heating issue when using net, and i cant install any app from third party app store or apk files taken from friend

  2. My lenovo A6000plus mobile when back camera open ,not working.there is “unfortunately camera stopped” on the screen.what can I do

  3. hi guys after the lollipop update on my a6000 plus, I am unable to write on ext sd card with third party file managers………..in the system dialogue box to grant permission I don’t see option icon(the three dots, must b UI bug)….
    I have tried factory reset .

    What could b the solution to this problem.plz help…

    1. I Do Not Have a Double Tap wake Up ive Tried All apps But it Simply Dont Work. Will I get After I Update to lolipop

  4. The battery is draining faster after the update and I have followed the steps ..still too there is no use..in KitKat the battery was good..need help

  5. hello sir my phone a 6000 plus mobile getting a high cache after deleting.it again forming in internal storage.so please tell me how can I solve it

  6. Hi,

    Is lenovo doing something for the problems faced after updating to lollipop (heating, fast battery draining, WhatsApp issye), in a6000plus, where can we contact lenovo for this issue.

  7. i am facing a problem, that i am not able to turn the call and notification volume up or down in any sound profile, whether it is General or Outdoor
    It is neither working with the sound operating buttons given at the side of of set nor with the digital volume meter which flashes on the display of screen

    Though the sound get managed when operated from settings but….it is not responding to the shortcut volume pop up on display

    please help….how this issue can be resolved

    thanks 🙂

    1. I formatted my phone including the sd card. Problem still arise.
      -Lag after 5-10 minutes gameplay
      -Heat problem
      -High ram usage by OS 1gb out of 2gb
      Lenovo A7000+ user

      Any other solutions?

  8. the main heating issue of lenovo a6000 plus is due to the existence of mkv video files that causes more battery usage and media server goes above 60℅ .so delete all mkv files on your phone

    1. So, a6000 plus does not support such mkv format files is it so??? And is there any solution for using mkv format files without any such problems????

  9. When the phone is connect to the charger,phone back portion is heated.how to solve the problem.then how to battery back up increase.then how to fast the charge.

    1. Hi
      Rahul just uninstall the third party apps which you are using..after uninstalling all
      Then again install one app and observe for an hour then install the second one and observe…you will get the answer on which app installed are not a bug contained…
      About battery draining see the battery log how much percent apps are using and network signals…in some area network issues are their,at the same time for catching the signals battery needs more power so it drains soon…

  10. I am using my lenovo a6000 and I upgraded to lollipop 5 0 2 version, from then my phone has been changed continuously I am so upset. The major problem are..
    1. The phone running very slow, too many lag, Installed apps are not shown
    2. None of the google app application are opening (playstore, youtube etc)
    3. Even when some one calls, it doesn’t showup the details, I need to unlock and check the details and call back
    4. No proper tones set and no profiles available such as slient, general, outside,…
    5. No option for developer options set on /off
    6. Battery drains very fast almost
    7. Heat up quickly
    Please give me solutions from this problem..

    1. lollipop has some problems with lenovo mobiles …wait for new version android marshallow. then you can upgrade to new version….thanks for visiting our site….

  11. Without testing all the possible scenarios & missing the existing functionality, you are simply putting the code live which is full of bugs, worst thing from your side. You are playing with Customers concerns and Is this the way you provide services for it.
    Moreover the Lenovo tags line means this here ???

  12. my phone is heating up so soon… and then my display is having a problem , a layer of the screen flickering on screen, its becoming faster… and when I stop using phone for 1 minute this problem is gone. but when I’m using again it starts again. what should I do?

  13. Hi, I have heating issue and my battery drained very fast. One month before I buied lenovo a6000plus. What can I do to save my battery and the heating issue.

  14. Hi
    I am using lenovo a6000+ recently I puruchased in flipkart.when it locks automatically I can’t unlock it. After sometimes only I can unlock it. After that I am not getting my contacts I hav to wait for sometime. This will lead to some problem in my mobile? Please give me some solution.


  16. I can’t able to delete the media files in lenovo A6000 lollipop version please help me to solve this problems

    Kindly suggest me please

  17. my camera was not working .. when iam taking a video after complete 5 mins when iam saving the video was stucked and coming this error … Camera stopped unfortunately ……….. plzz give any solution bro.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

    my phone no 8121985401 ……………….

  18. Hi I am using lenovo a6000 + . I have 2 sim cards I am unable to do data on off on sim card 1 . for data on off I have to go to setting plz tell why to do.

  19. Sir my doubt is when 1st os update is systems is asking successful updated, but 2nd time this os updating is not install on my device and i give my device service center and issue will solved, but again os update message will be shows when I net connected so what I am do sir.

  20. dear frnds I solved my lenovo a6000 heating issue here follow my steps
    1: lenovo phones are heated in the problem of sd card
    2: remove sd card
    3: turn the phone on
    4: after 1 hr
    5: delete all “mkv” files in ur device and sd card
    6: insert sd card
    7: press volume up ,down and power switch at the same time
    8: ur phone came out with hard reset option
    9: in that option the options called “wipe cache partition” option
    10: click that option
    11: then restart ur phone
    12: then ur phone have no heating issue
    sorry for my bad English

  21. My Lenovo A 6000 still heating , and draining battery fast after this step and i have KitKat version and i have changed my phone battery still having heating problem and battery draining fast help me fast , as you can

  22. In my a6000 plus while using head phone volume is decreasing automatically..when i try to increase the volume the media player stops

  23. After upgrading to 5.0, media volume of my lenovo A 6000 has become very low. I can hardly listen audio and videos on speaker and I always have to use earphones. Does anyone know how to fix it?? please help.
    Thanks in advance.

  24. Hello Friend my lenovo a6000 upgrade problem am facing when I was upgrading my mobile the message was showing (your phone is not switched carriers )

  25. This is what helped me:

    1.Wipe Cache Partition
    2. Uninstall FB and Messinger app!!! (at that point i started using browser version)
    3.go to developer options- Use NuPlayer, and deselect it !!!
    5. You can if want to install FB and Msg. after this.

  26. i have a lenovo a 6000 plus mobile…. i have an issue in battry…. after fully charging it may shows battery low…or battery about 50 % and all that… it is very disturbing… cant go anywhere with this…. any time it is shown as battery low… …. can i get any help ? please……….

  27. In my lenovo 6000 plus I will upgrade to lolipop version. But that time my phone is started heating issue. How will back up KitKat version.

  28. Hi,
    In my lenovo 6000 plus When take place in charging…mobile started heating and when removed from charging battery draining faster….what am i do.
    Please Help.

  29. Lollipop Android is not working well with my phone and it’s has stopped getting charged. When I connect it to the charger it starts heating and it gets discharged instead of charging. I am really disappointed with this update and now can’t use my lenovo a6000 as it isn’t getting charged anymore

  30. My Callers ringtone automatically low
    And I make my full ringtone volume,
    After 1,2 hours automatically low .
    Give me solution please

  31. Hi i have bought a Lenovo A6000 mobile,when i open any app it displays “unforunately it has stopped”,and the screen is changed in to black,it is hanging a lot
    please give me a solution

    1. Sir
      I am using lenovo a6000.I couldn’t zoom images.When image is being zoomed it suddenly gets zoomed out..can you suggest a solution

  32. I am using lenovo k3 note and my mobile is getting overheated.. I have taken the mobile to service center thrice…but still the same problem…is there any solution

    1. Generely your phone is heated by more than apps. So unable the app which are not necessary. And alwas off your location moad.Because it may have very load on your phone because of finding location.Put the mobile on site in which place network are properly coming.Because if network is not coming propely mobile try and try to get netword.So it may have very load..Try it.

  33. My phone is not heating for few days then after it will be same problem for me comes again heating phone plz I want solution

  34. I am having LENOVO A6000 plus and it is mentioned that it is volte enabled mobile but if I use a jio(volte) sim I am not able to make volte calls anyone please tell me how to activate or enable volte facility in my LENOVO A6000 plus. My email address – [email protected] send the answer to my email as soon as possible. SUKEERTH

  35. In my Lenovo 6000 plus mobile phone I cannot go into 3G network from SIM slot 2, it got fixed and when I change the SIM into SIM slot 1 it works, but date of/on shortcut key is working then. I have to make my data off/on from sim management.
    How to get rid of this the problem?

  36. “shri February 2, 2016 / Reply

    Hi I am using lenovo a6000 + . I have 2 sim cards I am unable to do data on off on sim card 1 . for data on off I have to go to setting plz tell why to do.”

    I have the same problem that Mr. Shri faces.
    How to get rid of this problem?
    Please send answer in my Email – [email protected]

  37. Hi ,Iam using Lenovo A6000+ since 1 month.iam regualry getting message ,phone is heated up,restartign in 9 seconds and is always getting rebotted..Don’t know the reason why..

    Phone is always getting restarted..First time using Lenovo Very bad experience. Kindly suggest what action I need to take to solve this issue.

  38. dear lenovo executive
    my phone lenovo a6000+ have battery draining problem and touch not proper work and also heating issue.
    pls suggest the solution through mail or contact me given below
    [email protected]

  39. I have a problem in lenovo 6000 it’s seen a fix battery alarm and shown the temperature overheated phone will switch off within 10 sec. I don’t know what’s happen?

  40. Hi guys I am using Kenobi a6000+ updated my phone kitkat to lollypop working not well ..so please tell me is there any chance to get it kitkat …..

  41. hello how are you all dear i have lenovo a6000 mob so i need its battery can any one help me please if some one want help so contact me in my num thanks 03440205152.

  42. im using lenovo a6000+ mobile ,from yesterday night im facing one problem the problem is im getting calls but screen is turned off can u pls help how can i solve my problem

  43. My Lenovo A6000 phone is heat over 60° by updating KitKat to lollipop version how to downgrade my Lenovo phone lollipop to KitKat

  44. I am also getting same problem after reset the phone . please if u find the solution please send me details to have dane the process of recovery given by u plz update
    Mukesh Singh

  45. i am also having the over heating problem while i use the JIO 4G sim in this phone abnormal heat was there i cant handle my phone, whether phone problem or this phone was not for jio sim.
    in this situation i am keeping my phone into refrigerator for 5 min to control the heat. kindly give me a good solution pls.
    URGENT!!! Emergency!!!
    M. Vignesh shankar
    [email protected]

  46. Hello Friends I have lenovo a6000
    over battery temperature
    your battery is over temperature
    please remove the battery
    problem please give me any solution
    My Email Add– [email protected]
    My WhatsApp Number +918521511056

  47. my phone is start through another battery but when i plug my battery it is not even start my phone i change my battery it started but i tack to much heat what to do buy a Battery or another issue may be possible help me please……………..

  48. Hello all,
    i am using lenovo a6000 plus but from last few days i am having a great problem. Actually when i plug my charger, it is showing charging but after hours also, it is still showing charging without incresing the battery %. instead of incresing battery %, it decreases. if someone can help me, please mail me @ [email protected]

    Thank you
    Aliya Raj

  49. My mobile Lenovo a6000plus is hang.when i see any video then it automatically paused while seeing video online or offline.

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