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How To Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card & With 1GB Ram and on Low specs Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp System

Here is an interesting topic How To Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card & With 1GB Ram which allows you to enjoy android apps on Low specs systems. Actually, Bluestacks is software that it needs at least 2 GB RAM and a good graphics card to Run Efficiently. But all the systems may or may not meet the requirements and there are some systems that have less than 2GB Ram and some systems don’t have graphic cards. Can’t we enjoy the bluestacks with such low specifications???? Yes, we can enjoy bluestacks absolutely. It is possible to install bluestacks with such low configurations also, 1GB Ram and Without graphic card. This burning problem above mentioned made me create this post How To Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card & With 1GB Ram for Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp Pc/Laptop.

Bluestacks Installation Guide with Low-end Specs 1GB Ram and Without Graphics card Windows 10,7,8,8.1, XP Pc/Computer

Bluestacks Android Emulator is one of the most popular emulators used to run android apps on PC. Hit here for the perfect Bluestacks for Pc/Laptop installation guide. After knowing about using apps on Pc many tried installing blue stacks android emulator to Pc. Some successfully installed and Some encountered Errors like “Graphics card should be updated”, “Graphic card not supported”, “Insufficient memory “, “hardware error” while installing the Bluestacks in their low specification system.

All the Troubleshoot problems can be avoided with this simple trick. Here we will be using two software packages Bluestacks Offline Installer and a software Orca to resolve graphic card errors. After small and simple editing you would be easily able to install Bluestacks app player without a graphic card and with 1Gb ram on your Windows 7,8,8.1, Windows 10 Pc/Laptop.

Bluestacks without graphic card download
How to Install Bluestacks without a graphic card and with 1Gb Ram Windows 10,7,8,8.1 Pc
About Packages

Bluestacks Offline Installer is an Offline Package that is packed with Bluestacks Online Installer Files, Runtime Files, Downloadable Files, Support Files, Installation Tables, etc. Orac is a table editor of Microsoft Database that allows you to edit Windows Installer packages (.msi) files. Here we will make use of Orca table editor to edit Bluestacks Offline Installer .MSI file tables which will make the offline installer compatible with lower-end Pc/Laptop (Without Graphic Card, With 1GB Ram, etc.) Other Trouble Shoot issue, If you are having a High-end specification still problem with Bluestacks Installation See here our guide on Perfect guide to Fix Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000.

How to install bluestacks without a graphic card and with 1Gb Ram on Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp Pc/Laptop.

A simple trick we need to change some settings to Bluestacks Offline installer so that it can bypass the verification test of 2 GB RAM on Pc/Laptop with Pentium Processors and lower-end processors. We can successfully skip the checking 2GB RAM and can be installed on your 1 GB RAM PC and Pentium processor Pc. Holding Lower End Mobiles >>> Get Whatsapp for Samsung, Bada Os, Nokia

Follow the below steps to install bluestacks without the graphic card and with 1Gb ram

  • Click here to download the Latest Bluestacks Offline installer Package.

Download Bluestacks Offline Installer .msi Package
  • Download and install Orca Software. Get Orca software for Bluestacks Editing from the below link

    Download Orca.
  • After finishing the installation of Orca, Go to the Bluestacks offline installer file location.

  • Right-click on the Bluestacks offline installer file and select Edit with Orca”.
Bluestacks Without graphic card on Orca
Edit Bluestacks for 1gb ram, Without graphic card with Orca editor
  • A Window of Orca will be opened. Now, Click on “Launch Condition on your left side and select Installed OR Physical Memory >= 1024”
Bluestacks without graphic card error installation
Bluestacks with 1gb Ram and without graphic card
  • Delete this option and press OK.

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  • Now, Go to “InstallExecuteSequenceand select CheckMsiSignatureDelete this option and press OK.
Download & Install Bluestacks with 1gb ram
Download & Install Bluestacks with 1gb ram and without graphic card
  • The next step is to go to the “Property tab and double click on the TRUE value of GLMODE. Replace it with FALSE” and press Enter.
Bluestacks install without graphic card error
Bluestacks with 1gb ram and without graphic card installation
  • Now, Click on the Save button icon and close Orca software.
  • Now, try installing Bluestacks from the saved Bluestacks Offline installer setup file.
  • It will run in your system successfully without error.
  • Congrats, You successfully Installed Bluestacks Without Graphic card

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After you are done with editing and installing you can install bluestacks without a graphic card and with 1Gb ram on your PC. What are you waiting for Open doors for Bluestacks app player on lower specs windows 10,7,8,8.1 Pc/Laptop? Find your favorite Android apps & games on BlueStacks, run or play them on your PC and have fun on your bigger screen.

Guys! Thank you for reading How to install bluestacks Without graphic card & With 1GB Ram hope the above steps were easy and convenient and assisted you to finish Installing Bluestacks successfully for your windows 10/8/8.1/7 & Mac Laptop/Pc. If you have any concerns or recommendations you can write for us as feedback below in the comment box. We will be here all the time to resolve your concerns. If you feel this article How To Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card & With 1GB Ram Windows 10,7,8,8.1, XP Pc” is informative and helpful. Do share this article with your friends over social media.

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  1. The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error Code is 2503.

    Error Code 2503 please help me.

  2. i dl and install orca, dl buestacks installer file but not getting edit option when i right click on bluestacks installer file , just open ,open , send to , compress etc. what to do?

    1. extract the bluestack installer first, then look for the msi file. right the msi file to see “edit with orca ” option.

    2. i have exact same problem and when i try to install bluestacks that does not work either plus instead of saying bluestacks installer file it says bluestack native.exe any soluition to this?

  3. Look man,
    The bluestackz setup isn’t a .msi file,so it is not opening with the ORCA,What should I do?
    Plz Help man i want it 🙁 :'(

  4. It doesn’t give me the option to edit with orca
    How can this be fixed. Please I need assistance as I’m am so annoyed currently trying to have this done

          1. I got the msi link and everything, but in the properties tag it didn’t have to GLMODE and then I skipped it, but It also didn’t have lots of rows that was shown in the picture, I thought it would be OK then when I started blue stacks it still claims I need a graphics card when I have done everything correct lol please help, Thanks in advanced

  5. I completed all steps except the last one because I am unable to find “GLMODE” file. The “GLMODE” file is not present in property.
    Please help me and reply as fast as possible I am waiting!

  6. I did every step except the last GLMODE one as i couldnt find it in properties…. And tried installing then… still it showed error 25000 graphics cardnot found or something like that. please help me with this.

    1. press ctrl+f enter GLOMODE and search you will find something like setglmode property change this value to false and save and install

  7. I had done all given editing except glmode as it is not present in my PC but it shows graphics card need to be updated error
    I have Windows 7 with .net framework 4.5 installed two days ago
    Tell me what to do now

  8. Hey if anyone have still VGA problem just do RAM process and try Windows 8 it will works I’ve tried it

  9. There is no GLMODE in the property tab!! And when I’m trying to install it without the GLMODE thing, its saying I need to upgrade my graphic drivers!! help… thanx in advance

      1. i cant find the GLOMODE and when i did like what you said, ctrl=f enter GLOMODE. but, when i click “find next” button, still failed.. system said ” No occurrences og “GLOMODE” were found.

  10. last day I downloaded a bluestacks app player in another site.. After the download completed it always says that i need to had 2gb ram.. So I search a site that would help me fix my problem.. I found this.. So I follow the steps and finally it was installed.. But here comes the second problem…… every time i open the bluestacks it always initializing.. I wait for an hour.. but it still the same.. Can you help me solving my second problem..

  11. after installation it shows “failed to load channels.unable to connect to the internet ”
    what should i do

  12. I have downloaded and installed .it’s showing initializing How to slove this? It’s almost above an hour nd I have a Internet connectivity so plz help

  13. Hy does these mentioned emmulator will work without having high graphics and i only have 1 gb ram. Could you help me out that which emmulator should i use under in these condition.

  14. Hy droid4yx minimum requirements does not meet with my pc. My pc is just have 1 gb ram intel 2009 graphics.which i think that are very less to run droid4x. So i want that type of emulator which can easily run in my pc. so suggest some

  15. it is saying bluestck can’t be installed on my pc, and told searching for a file.
    please someone help me,please!!!!!

  16. i install bluesrack offline.msi and installation finish and the installing apk app is not finish how to fix it

  17. Today s article article is about how to install bluestack with 1 gb ram. Also it will solve the error issue for the windows8 and windows8.1 users. Many 8 and 8.1 user facing issue regarding grafics card error. If you getting this error Graphics card is not compatible with bluestack, then you are at right place .

  18. i downloaded both app but when i try to Right click on the Bluestacks offline installer file so there is no option of “Edit with Orca” 🙁

  19. i did everything and it say’s that ‘this installation package could not be opened.verify that the package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package.’ PLEASE HELP ME

  20. Sir what if “Installed OR Physical Memory >= 1024” on the LaunchCondition is not available from the list. Should I assume that its already deleted? (Sorry for the grammar)

  21. i can’t find GLMODE and “Installed OR Physical Memory >= 1024” in orca!!!
    pls help me!!!

  22. hey can u please give me any other android emu which dosent need graphics card and can run on windows-7 32 bit

  23. hey! after i istalled bluestack successfully. am trying to search for whatsapp messenger but it doesn’t show it to me so that i download it.it keeps on showing “please check your connection or re-launch and i have internet and i tried relaunching several times but it cant find it. how can i get whatsapp?

  24. loading screen app title is iniatilizing ..how much time it takes,plz anyone tell me waiting anouxiasly for ur replay AUTHOR and others who know how to solve it

  25. i cant search the clash of clan.there is no play store.only get jar .amazon app nd 1 mobile .plese help

    1. @Raja Dilawar

      Buddy at first setup you will be asked to setup google play store account…….You need to signin through gmail credentials

  26. bro when i install blue stak hd app player error comes that blue stak is alredey installed but there is no .I HAD DELETED all .can u help me bro .MAY U PROSPER.plzz help me anyone


    1. @ Raja Dilawar.
      If you are comfortable with bluestacks,,,,Try with active good end internet connection to play COC or else try any of the other android emulators like Droid4x, Nox App pLayer, Memu or Koplayer


    1. @ Raja Dilawar

      Buddy Sorry to say to every android emulator needs Updated graphic card….if you wish to check out whether you have updated graphic card or not hit here…..Check Graphic card……and fro error freee installation and usage atleast you should have 2gb ram………If you failed to meet requirements you might be seeing issues……..Dude one thing i can suggest you extend your ram so that you won’t see issues

    1. Buddy bluestacks is running 5n in my system and iam playing apps too very 5n.. I have 2gb ram, intel updated graphic card and active 4mbps active internet connection……My suggestion is to Just checked ur graphic card ?????? Update to latest version……. I had already provided you best to check graphic card status………in previous comment

  29. i hav no graphic card.just intel graphic card.and i hav PTCL 4 mbps wifi in my home.no internet worries. AND 1 MORE THING. THAT when i install real bluestack it installs easily .and coc also install easily.but when i open game .grapics are not good.but its worst.is this problem of my graphic card in real actual original bluestacks.helpp

  30. my friends play coc on bluestacks.i hav installed bluestakc one thats shown on a video ,how to install bluestacks without graphic card.is that the bluestaks offline instaler process sathish plz tell.

  31. i install the version of bluestacks that u tell,if u search how to install bluestacks without graphic card ,a video comes.thats very bluestaks i installed and the process is same thats tell in the video……just tell me that can i play coc on thats very bluestacks…ok bro

    1. Actually I am playing coc on Blusetcks with no worries……As u said that you get the bluestacks which is in video…….To run bluestacks efficiently one should meet it’s minimum requirements……..Actually we are bypassing the graphic card check up and ram check by editing the bluesatcks file. This will lets you to install bluestacks and play app……But coming to high graphics games like Asphalt 8, Marvel Contest, Clash of Cans will see some lagging issues……So buddy you might be facing this issue……There is no remedy for this…..you cannot play coc with such edited bluestacks version

  32. no there is no playstore.can u send me a video of this edited bluestacks to how to install .if u have seen video.there was no playstore

  33. when i dowmload google framework it does not installs from my libraray.it faileed there …help pleezat last step google not come in add account..help sir

    1. @ Raja Dilawar

      I will be searching for solution..Soon I got info I will post Here……Do a favor you tooo search for solution if you get an info do share here so that other users will also gain from your share

  34. i hav installed it.but when i sign in ,,after sometime it says u have not reliable internet connection..

  35. i installed the software orca and blue stacks hdd app player and edited it with orca but glmode fuction is not shown in it so what to do , should i continue ???

  36. when i open playstore it says that application failure detected.plese try again.what should i do.

  37. i have tried all this its working but slowly
    the only it could be fast is PURCHASING A NEW RAM OR UPGRADING YOUR PC.

  38. Whatsapp is giving me an older sdk error and the bluestacks page won’t give me an msi installation file, so I’m rather stuck coz whatsapp is the only app i need bluestacks for


  40. cant find glmode and after that i see comment according to that i search for getglmode but there is value it cant be change neither deleted what should i do

  41. Hey admin please help me During edditing by orca the GLMODE is not pressent in property option…….please reply me soon or send me eddited version

  42. Hi nice work bro. I’ve installed it. Worked fine, but my bluestack can’t Connect to the internet. I use my phone as hot spot by the way. Is there a way to fix this? Thks

  43. when i install tht software.after followinig given process,it require .net framework 2.0 sp 2 ,but after installing .net framework it shows error, means thts version of .net is nt supported by bluestacks..plz help me anyone

    1. Skip it or You can get Edited version directly.Scroll down to end of page(comments section) You will find the link hit on it to download bluesatcks edited version……

  44. it works to instal, but when i enter in bluestack on facebook i see white screen.
    google aps don’t have, can’t setup gmail account..
    how can i resolve this problem ?
    thank you

  45. big thanks to the AUTHOR. i was able to installed it . but to download some apps is the only problem and challenges am facing now. how do i go about that? i try to download whatsApp, and there was a case of “NETWORK UNREACHABLE ..please check network connectivity and re-lunch”. not only that; i also encounter the problem of “NO APPS FOUND” when searching through the app-store. HOW DO I RESOLVE THESE PROBLEM ?

  46. Hey…!!!! Still i can’t install bluestack in my pc winows 8 it says it requires .netframework for installing….. Tell me something how can i install it….. PLEASE REPLY FAST

  47. Hello how can i get a whatsapp version that can work with the bluestacks, tried so many but saying old_sdk_failed even the latest low end version. what do i do, how can i get an updated one that will work.

  48. ohh sorry here comes the problem.. when i click on the app it automatically closes. why is that?? i successfully installed the bluestocks. but when i start on using it it just closes the window


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