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Free [Music Video maker] Musical.ly for Android – Install Musical.ly APK on Android Smartphones

Musical.ly for android: Guys are you looking for the best music video maker app ?? If yes stop here and have a look at this amazing app musical.ly which lets you create videos with tracks available. In this article, I will be sharing a guide on the features of the musical.ly app and how to download and install musical.ly for Android. The musical.ly application is a music video maker or video dubbing app which allows you to record videos and then lets you to add music or audio tracks available in the musical.ly app gallery and also flexible support ie you can add tracks from your smartphone. In general musical.ly app is the best alternative app for the dubsmash app.

As in the dubsmash app, the Musical.ly app also simultaneously recording ie you can listen to the song and record at the same time. Like in dubsmash you can create exact and accurate expressions and lip sync for the audio you pick up. Along with this musical.ly app has an HD quality video producing ability. It also has a fast rendering capability. Hence regarded as the best apps than any other music video maker apps. Proceed further to know more about the Musical.ly app and how to download musical.ly for android with musical.ly apk file. [Update: Musically collaborated and named as new app TIK TOk]

Features of Musical.ly android app

Before choosing this app for your device you are required to know what is a musical.ly app and What are the features of Musical.ly? Below we have cited the best features of the musical.ly app which you might be interested have a look at it. musical.ly makes it easy and fun to create amazing videos and impress your friends. Simply select a sound and start lip-syncing! Anyone can be an awesome singer with musical.ly!

Musical.ly for android download

Highlights :

  • Millions of tracks are available in the musical.ly app library.
  • The flexibility of using music from your own device.
  • Can create accurate expressions and lip sync videos to your favorite songs
  • Add cool video effects: filter, fast motion, slow motion, time-lapse, reverse, and other “time machine” effects.
  • Share your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Vine to impress your friends and get likes!
  • You can save videos to your camera roll with the musical.ly app.
  • You have multiple speed choices while creating a video.
  • Get likes from the musical.ly community and see how your music videos rank on the leaderboard.

Download Musical.ly for Android Smartphones – Playstore

Musical.ly app is made available for all Android smartphones like HTC, Sony, Samsung, Galaxy Pro, Star Pro, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Moto G, Motorola, Huawei, and many more devices. But some Android tablets or Android phones are not fully supported by the musical.ly versions. If you see any glitches are problems please report the issues specifying your device model to [email protected].  Musical.ly app developers are doing their best to make musical.ly working on all devices.

******Download Musical.ly app for android devices*****


The government is not allowing to download and install musical.ly for android. If you are the one facing problems downloading the musical.ly app on your Android device. Try alternate apps or other ways.

Get Musical.ly for Android devices by musical.ly apk download

With some Android devices or tablets, there are some issues ie like compatibility problems, not being available in the playstore and etc. For all such issues try a different alternative way to download the Musical.ly app for Android devices ie by using musical.ly apk. Downloading through apk file has more advantages than from the play store. You will be not seeing any compatibility issues and not available errors. Search Tiktok or MusicalLy Apk file and download it to install

This is all about Musical.ly for Android and Musical.ly apk Download. Hope you successfully completed the installation of the musical.ly app on your Android device. In case you face any issues while installing this, feel free to comment. Liked our services, Don’t forgot to share with your friends and give your support by liking us on social networks. You can also request an article on any topic through contacting us page or comment section.

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